Top 10 of Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

1. Nature. Every where you turn in Itacaré can feel like you’re in a tropical forest. That’s because you are! The town is built inside the rich Atlantic Rainforest and there are many untouched paths to explore in order to get the ultimate feeling of man against wild.

2. Hang-out at Tiririca. Tiririca beach is a great place to spend your day. With a forest covered hill  behind you and the ocean in front,nothing else is needed in order to feel good. Lay in a hammock, have an ice cold beer and listen to some cool music. It would be difficult to achieve something other than pure happiness.

3. Nightlife. This is the time to shine! Itacaré guarantees that anyone, regardless of age or background, will have a blast. After a relaxed day at the beach you can spend your energy on the dance floor and as long as the party-spirit is flowing, the choices are endless.

4. Beaches. The problem here is not the lack of beautiful beaches but to pick one to go to! Each one is more breathtaking than the other. Choose between beach-hang or surf. All of them include white sand, palm trees and hammocks.

5. People-watch at Pituba. Admit it, you like to people-watch. Everyone does! And there is not a better place to do that then the main street of Itacaré called ”Pituba”. A long cobblestoned street leading towards the town center with bars, cafeterias and shops along both sides. Sit down at one of the paddios, order a cappuccino and be inspired by the various types of  people that will pass you by.

6. Surf. Here there is a break for everyone from the courageous big rider to the paddle puss that only stays in the whitewater. Try to catch a barell at Tiririca or learn how to stand up at Engenocha beach.

7. Watch the full moon at Resende. A full moon rise is always a spectacuar thing to see. Be sure to watch on the beach of Resende where everyone gathers, makes bonfires, practices yoga and plays various instruments.

8. Capoeira on the beach. When in Bahia, one must try the traditional martial art, Capoeira. Go all the way and do it on the beach while the sun is setting and the heat of the day is cooling down. The combination of the sound of the traditional instrument ”Berimbau” and the breaking of the waves, will blow your mind away!

9. Acarajé at Praca dos Cachorros. You haven’t eaten Acarajé until you´ve eaten it at this little kiosk in the central square of town. Cheap and delicious!

10. Paddle to Pontal. Pontal is a beach break across from the central bay and on the other end of the river mouth.Surfing there can be a great experience, but even more fun then the surf itself is the paddle over to the peak. Cross the flat sea in the bay and paddle out into the open ocean.

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