10 must-know phrases for Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

1. Aí sim (Oh Yeah).
This is probably the most used phrase in Itacaré. It is used in order to encourage a good situation and is a also a way for people to share excitement and success. If you catch a good wave or pop open a cold beer in the summer heat there is nothing better than hearing a simple yet so great ”Ai sim”!

2. Boas ondas/Altas ondas (Good/High waves).
For anyone in search of good waves: Itacaré delivers! It’s no surprise that the town’s character is partly shaped around it. When walking to the beach with your surfboard under your arm, people passing by will most likely say this to you, along with a big smile.

3. Vamos nessa galera (Let´s go everybody).

Your days of solitude are over! Itacaré is a big family and you are welcome to be a part of it. If the language is indeed a mirror of the culture then the fact that the word ”we” is referred to as ”a galera” (meaning ”the gang”) says it all.

4. To ligado (I got it/I understand).
Also a very common thing to say here and it is used to give your friends a heads up that you are on the same page. “To ligado” can be used as question and statement: practical!

5. Bahian time.
Oh yeah, this phrase is just perfect and should be enforced everywhere in the world. If anyone hustles or stresses you , turn around and simply say ”I’m on Bahian time”.

6. Mais uma (One more).

Imagine being on the beach on a hot summer day and your cold beverage is all gone. Is there a better thing to say then ”mais uma” in that situation? I don’t think so!

7. E ai beleza (Hey, all beautiful/amazing/great).
The perfect greeting phrase. Why stick to a regular ”hello” when you can ask someone if everything is going beautifully? In Itacaré it almost always is, so the answer to this would be ”Beleza pura” (meaning ”pure beautifulness”)!

8. Bora (Let´s go/Let´s do it).
Don´t wait around, don´t hesitate, don´t think twice… Bora!

9. Show de bola (Everything is awesome).
It is not enough to say that things are good around here, they are ”show de bola”, a fun expression to say that certainly ups the atmosphere.

10. ”Bota fé” (You can believe it).
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that things are for real here. It can almost seem like too good to be true. In a place with such beautiful nature, great waves, cool music or a gripping moonrise sometimes just that someone tells you ”Bota fé”!

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