ART made with love by KAU

By KalaLea.

When Kau first arrived in Itacaré eighteen years ago, there were no supermarkets, no resorts and only one bar called Bar do Senior Santana in town. Born in Bella Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Kau was 33 years old when she hopped off the bus with her (now) husband. Her first memory of Itacaré was the smell of the ocean and the abundance of nature. She immediately regretted putting this trip off for months and fell in love at first sight.
A budding English speaker, Kau and I met in one of my English classes at Casarão Amarelo. After class she invited me to her shop and upon entering I knew I had to write about this sweet, happy and talented artist. Take note, there are no shortage of artists in Itacaré but Kau is one of the brightest stars in the bunch.
kau_portraitWhen asked what inspires her, she gave me a warm smile and said, “colors inspire me to create. I particularly love the many colors of beads (micangas)”. Before coming to Itacaré, Kau lived for three months in Morro de Sau Paulo living only off of selling her bead work.

Kau`s Art Boutique is a warm and colorful little shop on the main road aka Pituba. One of her specialties is fuxico, a brilliant way to use leftover pieces of fabric that may otherwise be thrown away. The word comes from the word “fuxicar” which means to gossip which is exactly what the women who worked in this artform did when sitting around a large table.

kau_shopWhere did you stay when you first came to Itacaré?
I came with my husband to Gravatar Pousada and every night during the week I would sell my artwork in the front.

When did you open your shop?
I opened my first store in 1998 and everything I sold was made with my own hands. Then in 2004, I opened this shop on Pituba. I don`t have the time to make everything any more but I do what I can.
Itacaré has changed a great deal over the last 18 years, has it changed for the better or worse?
It depends on how one sees things, I think it has changed for the better but it`s not as peaceful — especially during the summer or high season.

What is your favorite restuarant in Itacaré?
Encanto de Artes for their pasta dishes (massas).

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I have only traveled around some parts of Brazil and Argentina; however, I would still say Itacaré. It is my Port Seguro (safe haven). There is something special about this place, a strong pulling and positive energy.

What type of music do you like and name your favorite artists.
Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB) and Rock
1) Geraldo Azevedo 2) My favorite song is Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
My wish would be not to lose my inspiration nor my health so that I can always create which makes me feel happy and complete.

Kau`s Art is open every day. In addition to fuxico and fitas de cetim (bracelets), Kau makes and sells tee shirts, handbags, home decorations and much much more. And don`t forget to check the promotion basket for special deals.

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