Watch out for bikins in the water!

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

With so many beautiful beaches and good surf breaks, it would be impossible not wanting to take a board and get out there. Although surfing is dominated by male surfers, Itacaré has quite a few girls that are ready to prove the contrary!

Young Marianna Padilha can´t keep herself out of the water for too long and she is participating in regional surf competitions all year around. She caught her first wave three years ago in Barra Grande and have been in love with everything that has to do with surfing ever since.

Tiririca is Marianas favorite wave

”I feel anxious when I am competing! But then, all the girls talk and joke with each other just to break this feeling and start having fun riding the waves” Marianna says.

Australian Cassie Bordin started surfing about 5 months ago when she first came to Itacaré and claims her biggest challenge to be: her own stubbornness to succeed.

”I soon realised that surfing is mostly out of your control as it is up to various natural elements and not only your own capabilities. It´s about what mother nature gives you on the day” Cassie says.

Cassie likes to surf Enegoncha but is slowly starting to like Tiririca more

Coming from a town close to Byron Bay, which is also one of Australia’s most famous surf breaks, she has gotten many questions of why she waited with surfing until she came to Brazil.

”It is something I always wanted to do but I guess it was never the right time for it. Here in Itacaré I finally had the time that surfing requires plus the waves are not as strong as they are back home. Also Itacaré has a big selection of beaches and breaks for all levels and skilltypes” she says.

Having lived in Itacaré for over 10 years, Jane Morais is considered a local surfer by now – and with 12 years of surfing in her resume – a pretty good one! What kept her motivated for so many years was the feeling of being totally calm and focused in the water.

”The sea for me is a place where I can connect to the nature, relax and forget about everything” she says.

Jane is a surf instructor at "Easydrop" surf school

She now works as a surf instructor and what she finds most rewarding is to see her student’s progress and excitement.

”Everyone that starts surfing has their own barriers and fears and seeing my students surpass those fears and limits is what is most rewarding for me as a surf instructor she says.

Although this is changing, surfing is still dominated by male surfers and is something that can make girls hesitate wether they should try it or not. Being a good example her self, Jane explains that ”surf is about dedication and practice so anyone that is determined to surf can do so!”.

Katia Pitta, a surfer girl of 6 years, thinks that surfing is a great way of keeping your body in a good shape while still having loads of fun. Although she adores to be in the water catching waves, she loves the time after surfing even more, when you feel so tired and content.

Katia Pitta stared off surfing in Engenocha and it is still her favorite spot today

Nayane Rosetti is from Sao Paolo but left those breaks in order to surf the Bahian spots. Having surfed for almost 10 years, the days of trying to stand up on the board seem far away. Yet her tip to all beginner surfer girls is to start out with a proper board that allows you to have fun and stand up easily.

Nayane´s favorite wave is Tiririca

”When I was a beginner the perfect board for me was an Evolution board because it is very stable and easy to paddle on” she says.

Today Nayane and all the other girls keep enjoying the surf in Itacaré and have loads of fun both in and outside of the water.

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