Brazilian National Day in Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou

The celebrations were on in Itacaré as it was the anniversary of Brazil’s Independence from Portugal. On the 7th of September in1822, Prince Pedro declared the Independence of Brazil when he said the famous phrase “Independencia ou morte” (Independence or death).

Independence day is a red day celebrated all over the country and while big parades are held in the major cities, the Itacarensees cruise down to the beach for some chillax. But even Itacaré has a parade of its own where children of all ages gather and march through town together.

Just like that day in 1822 when Prince Pedro stood up for his country, the 7th of September still remains a day of getting your message across. This year the main theme of the parades were ecology and sustainability, raising awareness around an issue that has been under the microscope in Brazil lately with both theUN´s sustainable convention being held in Rio and new imposed legislation regarding the Amazon.

The children marched through the streets of Itacaré holding small trees planted in recycled plastic bottles in their hands while showing signs with messages like ”take care of the nature and throw your garbage in the bin”.

Yvonne Delos Reyes is volunteering at the NGO ”Punho Forte” where the kids organised a big parade for the occasion. ”It was a truly amazing experience to be part of this celebration and all of the children were very excited to be a part of the parade” she says.

In Brasília, the celebration takes place at the Ministries Esplanade with a military parade in the presence of the President of Brazil. Around 30,000 people attend the event each year, which costs approximately one million Reais.

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