Surf legends return to Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

The surf legends returned to Tiririca beach in order to score some points and catch good waves at this year’s Bahian Surf Master & Eco Contest.

Last weekend everyone gathered at Tiririca to see the surf masters compete for the titles while having some fun in the water. Together with local organizations, the Bahian Master Surf Association got together and organized a big event with loads of surf, live music and good vibes.

When the heats were over, bands entered the stage and kept the party going until late while people stayed at the beach and danced the night away.

Jaqueline Breciani who is responsible for the event’s press, spoke about the ecological side of the contest.

“By Eco surf we want to underline the fact that Itacaré is located inside a preserved and untouched forest. This is why the structure of the stage is made by recycled palm leaves. We want to show that it is possible to work with nature and not against it” she says.

Pro-surfer Jojo de Olivenca

This year, Tiririca was busy all weekend as everyone came down to enjoy the joyous atmosphere. There were categories for both younger and female surfers but what everyone was very excited to see were the legendary regional surfers that made their competing comeback this weekend.

Master champion Jojó de Olivença and vice champion Marcio Zanotti

Carlos Brito was one of the first ones to surf Tiririca. He still remembers when his friend Ronaldo Fadu told him about this spot for the first time back in the 70’s.

“Ronaldo Fadu went for a trip along the coast and he randomly came across Tiririca. He stood and watched for a while but the sea was almost flat. As he was about to turn around and leave he heard the sound of an incoming set and there it was: the perfect left-hander. Later he came back to Salvador where we all lived and the next day we were on our way to Itacaré!”.

A lot has changed since that day as Itacaré has gotten more international recognition, but one thing is still certain: the waves are still as good and the beautiful surrounding Atlantic forests make one forget any worries!

The whole contest was broadcasted live by Itacaré’s very own web-TV called Caicara-TV.

Caicara web TV crew


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