Storytelling as a social act!

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

Last Friday the doors of storytelling were opened and it was a big day for all the children of Itacaré’s neighborhood Barrio Novo.

Casa do Conto (House of the Tale) is a social movement focusing on reading and literature. It is was created exclusively for children ages 5 to 14 who live in the Bairro Novo community. It is a project that was founded by Ana Laura Nodar, Francielle Benevides, Marcelo Fantucci and Rafael.

“Our intention is to tell stories that hopefully will awaken the children’s interest in reading and expanding the knowledge in their lives,” says Marcelo Fantucci, one of the founders of Casa do Conto.

The whole thing started when the owner of the house where Casa do Conto is, had an idea of doing something for the children of this neighborhood. After which, it didn´t take long until Marcelo and his friends came together to create a place where children could gather and become part of a beautiful tale.

What is the aim of Casa do Conto?

“Our aim is to stimulate children’s interest in reading, believing in better school performance and thereby improving the self esteem of these children that come from a lower-income community” says Marcelo.

At the opening, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Children from the whole area came and showed their excitement about this new voluntary project. “We were expecting around 300 children to come to the opening but over 500 kids ended up coming! We had several clowns, friendly volunteers doing face painting, a judge that organized a football game, a popcorn and a hot dog-stand and of course lots of candy!” Marcelo told us and continued to say that “we did not know how they would react and to our great surprise the games were very well received (soccer, musical chairs and sack race). Everyone enjoyed themselves a lot”.

A philosopher once said “stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we are here”. If this is true than the founders of Casa de Conto are doing something much more than a social movement.

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