Theater in Itacaré

When one of my students invited me to see the play, “A Igreja Bem Assombrada” I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, considering I’m from New York, the mecca of arts. In the case of the play directed by Varuna Ribeiro and performed this past weekend, I stand corrected. Pure enjoyment was had by all.
The play takes place in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais. One of the priest’s helpers who is faithful to the church to a degree, invents a lie to attract new members and stir up energy in the town but the priest is not so convinced of his stories. Thus begins a personal investigation plus a sort of cat and mouse situation.
The majority of the actors were young teenagers from the local private school, Espaço Educar, who did a spectacular job. The screenplay, written by Jomar Magalhães of Rio de Janeiro, is by no means minuscule with regards to number of lines; and, the enthusiastic actors had memorized their lines to perfection and picked up on timing as well.
I’ll admit I didn’t understand every word but I was awe-struck by the humble yet professional set design, the changing of understudies, as well as the sound effects. Each month I am amazed by the enormous amount of talent in Itacaré. No one is immune.

One thought on “Theater in Itacaré

  1. Como eu so de Itacare eu sei q Itacare e pequena mas ñ sabia q os atores fossem grandiosos assim e ao mesmo tempo sendo adolescentes!!!
    Good on you guys!!!
    PS: Miss you all!