Cidade Negra opens Itacaré 2017 Carnival


Icon of the 90’s, the Brazilian Reggae group Cidade Negra opens the Carnival in Itacaré. Toni Garrido, Bino Farias and Lazão perform on the main stage on February 25 (Saturday) and will provide a special repertoire, full of hits, as well as new features.

With the theme “Joy and Sustainability”, the Itacaré carnival will be held from February 25 to 28. There will be two trios elétricos during the day, about seven blocks and cultural manifestations in town, and two stages mounted on Castro Alves Avenue for the main concerts.

Festival Gastronômico Sabores de Itacaré

The Gastronomic Festival “Sabores de Itacaré” invites everyone to know a little more about the diversity and gastronomic quality of Itacaré. The event takes place from December 1 to 17. 40 restaurants participate in the festival. Seventeen days with public performances by the best local chefs and a cultural program with popular music.

Festival Gastronômico Sabores de Itacaré




Grito Rock 2013

When I asked a few Itacaréense what the highlight of this past weekend’s Grito Rock Festival was, I heard repeatedly: the clowns.

“Itacaré is no stranger to live musical performances and parties so when there’s an event that includes children and laughter, it’s refreshing.” said Julia, a resident of Itacaré.
And, I wholeheartedly agree. When I arrived at the entrance of Cabana Corais along Concha Beach, the atmosphere was spirited but in a calm way. The first band, Mulambo Sound System, was doing a sound check on the stage made from an old and weathered boat. There were a couple hundred of people mulling around plus a handful of booths selling clothing, home accesories, and natural food. The scene reminded me of the Sarau held every second Saturday in Serra Grande (just 30 minutes outside of Itacaré).
Walking towards the view of the majestic lighthouse, I was greeted by another beautiful sight. Families and friends gathered around as two clowns emphasized the importance of REUSING, REDUCING and RECYCLING waste using jokes and innocent play to lighten the mood.
Considering that it was the first edition of this 300 city integrated festival tour, an alternative to Carnival, I would say that it was a success with plenty of room for growth. I left shortly after the first band began but was told that the festival continued with juggling, music, and mingling into the night.
Thanks to all of the performers, producers, participants, and sponsors of Grito Rock 2013 Festival for stopping by to learn, laugh, and dance with us.
By Lala the Sunchaser.

Noite Boa! (with Myreia)

A skyscraper among trees, Myreia Barbarella Anthoniete Lavarro, is a beacon of light and s/he knows it.

When I asked  Myreia to describe herself, Myreia responded:
I am a people person. I am important. I am simply me.

Where do you live?
In Porto de Tras (behind the harbor) where I was born and raised. It’s a Quilombo where families live and support one another. We share everything plus trade goods and services just like the old days.

What do you do in Itacaré?
I work as a part-time public employee at the Camara Municipal (City Council) building next to the Mayor’s office. I also do massage therapy, babysit, and teach dance to children at the community cultural center.

Pretty astonishing for someone who doesn’t have a telephone or internet at home.

How would you describe Itacaré?
Magnificent. It’s a wonderful city … mystical. It’s a place that requires living. You gotta really LIVE in Itacaré… if you live it, magic will happen.

Describe your favorite type of day?
I like when it rains. Everything is much calmer. It fully demonstrates the existence of God.

I really like your style, from where do you get your fashion sense and inspiration?
Myreia blushes then confidently states: Life mainly…. just knowing that we exists inspires me. I also adore fashion magazines but I don’t buy them. There are various friends who give me clothes and I create my style from these hand-me-downs. In my neighborhood, I am the “go to” person when it comes to fashion. Both men and women ask for my advice whenever there is a party or something … It’s about the small touches … a belt, the right jewelry. I’m always adjusting; it depends on the mood and the occasion.

Tell me about your family.
My family is GREAT!! (with an emphasis on “great”) My mother is wonderful for many reasons. And my father was too. He passed on six years ago. They had five children, 3 girls, 1 boy, and me. I love my family.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
To Africa … the Ivory Coast. I would like to volunteer for the Red Cross there.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Dance at the Jungle Bar. I love pop music, rock, electronic, dance, samba and pagode.

Who are your favorite music artists?
Madonna, Cher, and music by Relicário (I love the song Cassia Eller).

You mention that you rarely sleep or eat. When you do eat, what do you like?
Pasta with garlic and olive oil or caruru that comes with Acarajé. I love them both equally.

Where is your favorite restaurant in Itacaré?
I usually eat at home but I sometimes go to Tia Zinha, it’s near the Rodoviaria (bus station). I order the grilled chicken, salad, beans, rice, and pimenta.

What is your favorite beach and why?
Ribeira. It has that native feeling and I enjoy going to the nearby waterfall.

What do you want people to know about you?
I want people to simply get to know me if they so choose. Any one can ask me anything!

Should I refer to you as a man or a woman?
Physically I am a man but spiritually and mentally, I am a woman. I have no desire to change my body; I accept it; however, I feel more feminine than masculine.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
No, I prefer to be single and free. I have “friends with benefits” (paqueras).

I’m convinced that there are many benefits to getting to know Myreia. It took an entire evening to complete this interview because Myreia knows EVERY ONE in town. And each person, had a question to ask, a hug to give, or a smile for the glamorous one from Porto Atrais.

P.S. I found this film from 1984 called Quilombo, feel free to watch here.

By Lala the Sunchaser.

Yemaja, Queen of the Ocean

By Lala the Sunchaser / Photography by Nigia Vieira.

This weekend many places in Brasil will pay homage to Yemaja, Goddess of the Sea. In Itacaré, fishermen, natives, and visitors will gather along the Orla (boardwalk) to make an offering by bestowing flowers, perfumes, candles, champagne, combs and mirrors into the ocean. In addition to adorning the sea with perfumes and gifts, there will be traditional music, samba and capoeira circles to honor one of the many orishas or spirit deities.
yemanja_1Starting Wednesday, January 30th until February 1st, any one can leave an offering for the offering at the Association for Fishermen (Colonia Z-18 Itacaré). These offerings will be placed into large baskets for the procession on Saturday.

On Saturday, February 2nd at 5 am, an early morning procession will kick off with fireworks and a parade around the town starting at the Association.
yemanja_3At 2 pm, fishermen, locals and visitors alike will march along the boardwalk carrying offerings and gifts to bring out to sea by boat. If you’re interested in chartering a boat, contact Jorge Lázaro at 73 – 9961 3382 or e-mail him at

At 4 pm in front of the Association, there will be a presentation by Casa dos Bonecas, in addition to Afro-Brazillian dance, capoeira, and a samba circle with traditional music.
yemanja_3It is sure to be a peaceful and pleasant experience for all involved.
Have a lovely weekend!

Theater in Itacaré

When one of my students invited me to see the play, “A Igreja Bem Assombrada” I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, considering I’m from New York, the mecca of arts. In the case of the play directed by Varuna Ribeiro and performed this past weekend, I stand corrected. Pure enjoyment was had by all.
The play takes place in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais. One of the priest’s helpers who is faithful to the church to a degree, invents a lie to attract new members and stir up energy in the town but the priest is not so convinced of his stories. Thus begins a personal investigation plus a sort of cat and mouse situation.
The majority of the actors were young teenagers from the local private school, Espaço Educar, who did a spectacular job. The screenplay, written by Jomar Magalhães of Rio de Janeiro, is by no means minuscule with regards to number of lines; and, the enthusiastic actors had memorized their lines to perfection and picked up on timing as well.
I’ll admit I didn’t understand every word but I was awe-struck by the humble yet professional set design, the changing of understudies, as well as the sound effects. Each month I am amazed by the enormous amount of talent in Itacaré. No one is immune.