Cidade Negra opens Itacaré 2017 Carnival


Icon of the 90’s, the Brazilian Reggae group Cidade Negra opens the Carnival in Itacaré. Toni Garrido, Bino Farias and Lazão perform on the main stage on February 25 (Saturday) and will provide a special repertoire, full of hits, as well as new features.

With the theme “Joy and Sustainability”, the Itacaré carnival will be held from February 25 to 28. There will be two trios elétricos during the day, about seven blocks and cultural manifestations in town, and two stages mounted on Castro Alves Avenue for the main concerts.

Carnival 2013

Do you hear that? It’s Carnival marching towards the gates of Brazil. The world’s biggest and longest lasting street party, Carnival will begin Saturday, February 9th and continue until Tuesday, February 12th. Itacaré is no different from other cities in Brazil, except the parties and blocos are much smaller yet equally as loud.
The Mayor’s Office of Itacaré is hosting “Eco Folia 2013″ bringing diverse attractions to the Carnival festivities promising smiles and good times for locals and visitors alike.

During the day along the boardwalk (orla), there will be two or more local blocos or groups performing at 12 pm and 4 pm each day. At night, there will be live performances of samba, axé, pagode e reggae. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, Feb. 9th – Priest Tiger “o papa do reggae”,
Sugar Roy and Conrad Crystal,   Dada Yute e Solano Jacob
Sunday, Feb. 10th – Gasparzinho
Monday, Feb. 11th – Viviane Tripodi
Tuesday, Feb. 12th – Jau Peri

One particular group that has been participating in Carnival for years is Libélula. Libélula is a Brazilian non-profit whose focus is to empower teenage girls and young women. They have been working for weeks on the fabulous Carnival costumes made from soda bottles, coffee filters, old newspapers, recycled goods, trash, and anything else you can imagine. This, in an effort to bring awareness to our environmental issues. Their group is called, O Luxo do Lixo (The luxuriousness of trash).

If you are interested in joining their group for Carnival on Saturday, February 9th. Stop by Libélula to purchase your costume ($R10) and support them in their mission to educate and provide assistance to the young women of Itacaré.

Happy Carnival to All!!!

By Lala the Sunchaser

Happy Birthday Itacaré

Saturday January 26th, marks the 281st birthday of the city of Itacaré. The town will hosts parties and live performances throughout the weekend. Along the Orla, there will be live performances by the following:

Friday, January 25th, 10 pm
img_ragaSaturday, January 26th, 10 pm
img_birthdayHave a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the party.

And to the nearly 8,000 residents of Itacaré: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Happy New Year!!!

by Lala the Sunchaser.

It’s HOT in Itacaré and getting hotter! The streets are over flowing with people from all over Brasil and other parts of the world: London, Vienna, Santiago del Chile, New York, Réunion, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Oslo, Milan.

So far the New Year promises sun, fun, live music, and plenty of parties.

On Saturday, January 5th, the year starts off with Jau & Diamba at Cabana Corais located on Concha Beach. The show begins at 7 p.m. and tickets are available at various shops in town.
jauThe following day, Sunday, January 6th, American musician and surfer, Donavon, will give a FREE performance on Tiririca Beach in the evening … sometime after 5 p.m.

On the main road called Pituba …

Sham Rock & Blues Bar which opened a few months ago, offers an eclectic line up of local musicians playing MPB, blues, and rock every night this summer after 8 o’clock. It is a cozy spot for any game lover and fan of alternative music. Plus every Monday evening, there is an “open mic” session that draws an enthusiastic crowd.
shamrockOf course, you don’t want to miss the action at the popular bars, Jungle and Favela. Both bars host daily parties that bleed into the wee hours of the morning with DeeJays, bands, and street performances.

If you’re looking to escape the crowds on the beach or Pituba, visit Boteco da Vila (the Blue House) Wednesday through Saturday evenings and relax to the sounds of soul singers, bossa nova and MPB musicians, and enough chocolate to satisfy any addict.
For a Saturday night of sweating, stop by Casarão Amarelo (the Yellow House) for live samba music and lots of dancing. The last time I was there, I believe I lost 5 pounds despite the two or three beers I had. Like Boteca da Vila, they are also located along the Orla where there is an incredible view and refreshing breeze.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Happy almost New Year !!!

How many times have you heard this question this week?
What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
No matter where you live, New Year’s Eve marks the end of another year. In Itacaré, it’s simply another excuse to celebrate with family and friends on the beach under the moon and stars. And what’s a beach party without delightful drinks and festive music?

Word is that on December 30th, there will be a live show at Ribeira Beach with the reggae band Planta e Raiz. The show will be opened by Gabriel and the band, Santo Black.

On New Year’s Eve, there will be many parties around the city. At Cabana Corais, Andao Negro will deliver another stellar performance along with Luciano Mosiah, Red Lion, and much more including a light show, forró dancing.
Also, Mar and Mel, Itacaré’s favorite forró dance spot, will bring in the New Year with a live animation and musical performance by Ricardo Sodré and band who will be playing popular Axé musical hits.
mar_e_melWherever you choose to celebrate the coming year, if you are spending the holiday in Itacaré you are bound to have an unforgettable time.

Tickets purchased prior to the day of shows are discounted.
Buy your tickets today!

And for more details, see the links below: