Top Seeds Light Up Day 3 at Mahalo Surf Eco Festival

Action on Day 3 of the ASP 4-Star Mahalo Surf Eco Festival presented by Skol intensified as the top seeds entered the competition for the Round of 64. Performances in the water displayed clutch execution, big-time maneuvers and several come-from-behind victories.

Hot off of his ASP 6-Star victory at the Oceano Santa Catarina Pro in Florianopolis, Michael Rodrigues (BRA) continued to show an uncanny knack for finding the right waves and pulling off exciting finishes. He earned the highest single-wave score of the day with an 8.50.

Michael Rodrigues earned the highest single-wave score of the day.

“I’m surfing under no pressure to get good results,” Rodrigues said. “I came here just for fun and to stay in the rhythm of competitions because I’m going to enter in the Prime in Maresias. I’m happy that the conditions improved today. I’ve been coming to Praia da Tiririca for a few years now, so I feel like I know this wave pretty well. I really like Bahia, so just being in the water feels great.”

Having roots in Brazil, Kiron Jabour (HAW) looked right at home in Itacare and continued to show off his high-velocity surfing.

“I was stoked because conditions were great during my heat,” Jabour said. “The wind stopped and the water got really glassy, so everything went right for me. It’s my first time here in Itacare and I’m impressed with the town. It’s beautiful and everything is still preserved. The houses, the streets, the beaches and all the nature.”

Bino Lopes winning his Round 3 heat.

Bino Lopes (BRA) is the only local surfer who has ever won the Mahalo Surf Eco Festival. With his precision surfing, Lopes claimed the victory in his Round 3 heat over Erick Moraes (BRA) and Adrien Toyon (FRA). Yago Dora (BRA), who is part of the latest generation of Brazilian aerialists, qualified in second place.

“Thankfully I got that good wave (an 8.00) to start the heat off, then after that I just used my strategy to get the win,” said Lopes. “I feel totally at home here in Itacare. I’ve been competing here since I was a little kid and I’ve had some good results, so that gives me a lot of confidence. It felt great to begin with a victory and I’m going to give it my best to win this event again.”

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ITACARE.COM new office

The ITACARE.COM office was transferred to a new address:

Espaço Urbano
Rua Lodônio Almeida 163 – Sala 7
Centro – Itacaré – Bahia
Tel: +55 73 – 3251 3143

Service: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Storytelling as a social act!

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

Last Friday the doors of storytelling were opened and it was a big day for all the children of Itacaré’s neighborhood Barrio Novo.

Casa do Conto (House of the Tale) is a social movement focusing on reading and literature. It is was created exclusively for children ages 5 to 14 who live in the Bairro Novo community. It is a project that was founded by Ana Laura Nodar, Francielle Benevides, Marcelo Fantucci and Rafael.

“Our intention is to tell stories that hopefully will awaken the children’s interest in reading and expanding the knowledge in their lives,” says Marcelo Fantucci, one of the founders of Casa do Conto.

The whole thing started when the owner of the house where Casa do Conto is, had an idea of doing something for the children of this neighborhood. After which, it didn´t take long until Marcelo and his friends came together to create a place where children could gather and become part of a beautiful tale.

What is the aim of Casa do Conto?

“Our aim is to stimulate children’s interest in reading, believing in better school performance and thereby improving the self esteem of these children that come from a lower-income community” says Marcelo.

At the opening, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Children from the whole area came and showed their excitement about this new voluntary project. “We were expecting around 300 children to come to the opening but over 500 kids ended up coming! We had several clowns, friendly volunteers doing face painting, a judge that organized a football game, a popcorn and a hot dog-stand and of course lots of candy!” Marcelo told us and continued to say that “we did not know how they would react and to our great surprise the games were very well received (soccer, musical chairs and sack race). Everyone enjoyed themselves a lot”.

A philosopher once said “stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we are here”. If this is true than the founders of Casa de Conto are doing something much more than a social movement.

Surf legends return to Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

The surf legends returned to Tiririca beach in order to score some points and catch good waves at this year’s Bahian Surf Master & Eco Contest.

Last weekend everyone gathered at Tiririca to see the surf masters compete for the titles while having some fun in the water. Together with local organizations, the Bahian Master Surf Association got together and organized a big event with loads of surf, live music and good vibes.

When the heats were over, bands entered the stage and kept the party going until late while people stayed at the beach and danced the night away.

Jaqueline Breciani who is responsible for the event’s press, spoke about the ecological side of the contest.

“By Eco surf we want to underline the fact that Itacaré is located inside a preserved and untouched forest. This is why the structure of the stage is made by recycled palm leaves. We want to show that it is possible to work with nature and not against it” she says.

Pro-surfer Jojo de Olivenca

This year, Tiririca was busy all weekend as everyone came down to enjoy the joyous atmosphere. There were categories for both younger and female surfers but what everyone was very excited to see were the legendary regional surfers that made their competing comeback this weekend.

Master champion Jojó de Olivença and vice champion Marcio Zanotti

Carlos Brito was one of the first ones to surf Tiririca. He still remembers when his friend Ronaldo Fadu told him about this spot for the first time back in the 70’s.

“Ronaldo Fadu went for a trip along the coast and he randomly came across Tiririca. He stood and watched for a while but the sea was almost flat. As he was about to turn around and leave he heard the sound of an incoming set and there it was: the perfect left-hander. Later he came back to Salvador where we all lived and the next day we were on our way to Itacaré!”.

A lot has changed since that day as Itacaré has gotten more international recognition, but one thing is still certain: the waves are still as good and the beautiful surrounding Atlantic forests make one forget any worries!

The whole contest was broadcasted live by Itacaré’s very own web-TV called Caicara-TV.

Caicara web TV crew


“You know you are from Itacaré when…”

By: Bella Papadopolou.

Just like any other place, living in Itacaré shapes your daily routines after a while. It seems that there are some things that are so deliciously contagious, that anyone spending more than a few days here will adapt to. We asked both locals and “localised” visitors about this and had them complete the sentence “You know you are from Itacaré when…” and below are the most popular answers:

1. You know you are from Itacaré when you hang out at the beach everyday.

Well, with so many beautiful Atlantic forest surrounded beaches, it is hard to stay at home. The beach here is not a place to go to on weekends but more of an inevitable part of a lifestyle.

2. You know you are from Itacaré when you use the same Havaianas for work, beach and the party.

Why change when they are so comfy and practical? Enjoy a place that socially accepts Havaianas as proper dress code for every occasion. Play around with colors and patterns, as there is a big selection available.

3. You know you are from Itacaré when surfing is more trumps eating, sleeping and working.

It is hard not to become a beach-bum in a town where there are breaks for every style and level. Grab a board, head out to the sea with your other beach-bummers and have some fun catching the waves.

4. You know you are from Itacaré when you say “Oi!” to Dinha on the street.

I guess it is no secret that you are “localized” when you give heads up to the town’s famous vaxing-lady, Dinha, on the street. You are in Brazil. Go Brazilian.

5. You know you are from Itacaré when the guy who sells sunglasses on the beach stops showing his goods to you.

The first sign of being “localized”: the sellers have lost faith in you ever buying something from them and instead they proceed in completely ignoring you.

6. You know you are from Itacaré when you can’t walk down Pituba Street without at least 3 people saying “Tudo bem?”.

You will soon notice how easy it is to make friends here and by the end of your vacation (if you don´t decide to stay forever and ever) you will be “Oi-ing” on every corner.

7. You know you are from Itacaré when the rain is an acceptable excuse to do nothing.

Bahia is the place where sunny days are a promise. When the sun strikes: strike back!

8. You know you are from Itacaré when you don’t go to the beach everyday and – when you finally do – you sit in the shade.

This is also true. Although the beach makes a crucial part of your Itacareense life, we do get spoiled of having beach-days on a daily basis and eventually will take breaks from it.

9. You know you are from Itacaré when you can have an entire conversation based on the words “beleza” and “massa”.

They say that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. So are the words “beleza” and “massa” which literarily translate into “beautiful” and “great”. Although they can mean everything from “what´s up?” to “let’s go!”

10. You know you are from Itacaré when you feel like being a part of the Itacareense family.

Last but not least: the feeling on belonging to the flock, which normally takes years to happen, in Itacaré takes only one Caipirinha.

Top 10 of Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

1. Nature. Every where you turn in Itacaré can feel like you’re in a tropical forest. That’s because you are! The town is built inside the rich Atlantic Rainforest and there are many untouched paths to explore in order to get the ultimate feeling of man against wild.

2. Hang-out at Tiririca. Tiririca beach is a great place to spend your day. With a forest covered hill  behind you and the ocean in front,nothing else is needed in order to feel good. Lay in a hammock, have an ice cold beer and listen to some cool music. It would be difficult to achieve something other than pure happiness.

3. Nightlife. This is the time to shine! Itacaré guarantees that anyone, regardless of age or background, will have a blast. After a relaxed day at the beach you can spend your energy on the dance floor and as long as the party-spirit is flowing, the choices are endless.

4. Beaches. The problem here is not the lack of beautiful beaches but to pick one to go to! Each one is more breathtaking than the other. Choose between beach-hang or surf. All of them include white sand, palm trees and hammocks.

5. People-watch at Pituba. Admit it, you like to people-watch. Everyone does! And there is not a better place to do that then the main street of Itacaré called ”Pituba”. A long cobblestoned street leading towards the town center with bars, cafeterias and shops along both sides. Sit down at one of the paddios, order a cappuccino and be inspired by the various types of  people that will pass you by.

6. Surf. Here there is a break for everyone from the courageous big rider to the paddle puss that only stays in the whitewater. Try to catch a barell at Tiririca or learn how to stand up at Engenocha beach.

7. Watch the full moon at Resende. A full moon rise is always a spectacuar thing to see. Be sure to watch on the beach of Resende where everyone gathers, makes bonfires, practices yoga and plays various instruments.

8. Capoeira on the beach. When in Bahia, one must try the traditional martial art, Capoeira. Go all the way and do it on the beach while the sun is setting and the heat of the day is cooling down. The combination of the sound of the traditional instrument ”Berimbau” and the breaking of the waves, will blow your mind away!

9. Acarajé at Praca dos Cachorros. You haven’t eaten Acarajé until you´ve eaten it at this little kiosk in the central square of town. Cheap and delicious!

10. Paddle to Pontal. Pontal is a beach break across from the central bay and on the other end of the river mouth.Surfing there can be a great experience, but even more fun then the surf itself is the paddle over to the peak. Cross the flat sea in the bay and paddle out into the open ocean.