Halloween party in Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou.

The pumpkins are out, the spiderwebs are hung and excitement is in the air. Halloween is fast approaching and Itacaré is ready to trick or treat!

Globally, Halloween is a beloved holiday and a great excuse to act foolishly and child-like all over again. Although not yet well known in Brazil, Itacaré’s Language school, Easy2Speak, knows how it’s supposed to go down and throws the town’s favorite Halloween party every year.

Easy2Speak is a school where one can learn both English and Portuguese easy and fast. Katia Pitta, owner of Easy2 Speak, expects the party to be an even bigger success this year.

“Last year people came and had a great time! This party is unique for Itacaré. Most of the parties here are either reggae or traditional style” says Katia.

The two-day long party is divided into 3 parts so that everyone, regardless of age, can participate. On the 1st of November at 6.30 pm the party will be open for guests from 11 to 18 years old. There will be a walk through the haunted house followed by music and dancing.

The following day from 4 pm until 7 pm, doors will open for our youngest friends from the age of 4 to 7 years old. There will be activities appropriate for their age along with lots of candy, fun and games.

Later that same day at 11 pm the adult party that everyone has been waiting for will begin!

“In addition to live music, Halloween spirits and scary jelly-shots, there will be cool gifts to win, for example a spa day, dinner at a local restaurant, petrol coupons or free English courses” Katia says.

Last year the party was a big hit and people from all over town came and danced the night away in a Halloween-atmosphere. Are you ready to be frightened?

Dresscode: There will be a prize for best costume! If you don’t want to dress up, wear black and you should be fine.

Sleepless in Itacaré


By: Bella Papadopoulou

Except for being Bahia’s capital of surf, Itacaré offers an excellent party scene. While reggae is what dominates the rhythm of this town, everyone will be able find something that fits his taste.

 Having spent the day relaxing on the beach or surfing the waves, it is impossible to turn down the night’s seductive invitation for a Caipirinha or two. Luckily there are hundreds of places to do so!

Favela and Djungle have since a long time back been crowned as king and queen of Itacarés nightlife. On the cobblestoned street of Pituba, people gather around the two fruit stands where you point at the fruit of your choice and then watch it being transformed into a cool Caipiroska. If you arrive alone, it is a guaranteed promise that you will leave with a handful of new friends or even the next love of your life (depending on how many Caipiroska’s you had).

For those who are looking for something more low-key, the sea fronting bay of the so called Orla is your answer. Here you will find places like the Casarao Amarelo and the Casarao Azul that both offer a loungy atmosphere accompanied by soothing sounds of live Bossa Nova.

The equivalence to Rio De Janeiro’s samba, in Bahia is the Forro. Thursday and Saturday Mar é Mel has a live orchestra for everyone that wants to practice their moves on the dance floor. Or why not try some dancesteps on the beach?  Cabana Corais, a bungalow-like bar on praia do Concha, has a live band playing Forro every week.

If you like something more intimate, then Sandy’s Pousa da Terra is the place. In the garden of the cozy pousada the ambience is just like that idyllic feeling that can only be achived when there is a bonfire and a guitar involved. Top it off with a Mojito with a lot of ice.