Theater in Itacaré

When one of my students invited me to see the play, “A Igreja Bem Assombrada” I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, considering I’m from New York, the mecca of arts. In the case of the play directed by Varuna Ribeiro and performed this past weekend, I stand corrected. Pure enjoyment was had by all.
The play takes place in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais. One of the priest’s helpers who is faithful to the church to a degree, invents a lie to attract new members and stir up energy in the town but the priest is not so convinced of his stories. Thus begins a personal investigation plus a sort of cat and mouse situation.
The majority of the actors were young teenagers from the local private school, Espaço Educar, who did a spectacular job. The screenplay, written by Jomar Magalhães of Rio de Janeiro, is by no means minuscule with regards to number of lines; and, the enthusiastic actors had memorized their lines to perfection and picked up on timing as well.
I’ll admit I didn’t understand every word but I was awe-struck by the humble yet professional set design, the changing of understudies, as well as the sound effects. Each month I am amazed by the enormous amount of talent in Itacaré. No one is immune.

Reiki in Itacaré

By: Bella Papadopoulou

Some call it energy, others call it magic. Whatever the word, it’s no longer a secret that Reiki is beneficial form of alternative healing that can lead to a balanced and harmonic mind and body – and thereby life.

I first met Lala in Itacaré and when I found out she was a Level II Reiki practitioner, I was curious to try it out. Lala left hectic New York a few months back in an effort to alter her lifestyle and enjoy living in a warmer climate. She initially planned to visit Itacaré for two weeks and has been here for nearly six months now. She claims it to be a tropical paradise with a magical vibe.

”Itacaré is loaded with creative energy. People that live here are artists or creative types. They paint, dance, make art in various mediums, surf, skate, juggle, and even work with food” Lala says.

Lala herself was enchanted with Reiki a few years back when she was running a busy cafe-restaurant in New York City, and found herself totally worn out after a long day with eight more hours until closing. When a former employee offered her a Reiki session she accepted happily. What happened after their brief session was incredible.

”It was as if my battery was re-charged. I went from being a tired business owner into a happy host full of energy for the event that followed.” Lala says.

This intrigued me even more. Truth is that I was not sure what Reiki actually was and along with several others, I thought it was a mix of hokus-pokus and massage.

”In a Reiki session, I do nothing really. I’m only a channel through which universal energy flows. This energy aids in the body healing itself” Lala explains.

I followed Lala to her space where the sessions take place, I walked into the incense-smelling room and the spa-feeling kicked in right away. I laid down on the massage table and she asked me to close my eyes and relax. Slowly she placed her palms on my head, chest, stomach, belly and back. I began to feel a burning and vibrating sensation on the areas that Lala placed her palms and I could feel my body dozing off into a deep relaxation.

”Reiki helps to restore balance to the body. We are all made up of energy and Reiki helps unblock energy caused by stress, poor lifestyle choices, and accidents, she says.

After nearly one hour, Lala asked me to open my eyes. I felt like Sleeping Beauty who had slept more than a decade. I stood up and felt more alive than ever as well as inspired and creative. As a plus my knee that had been bothering me for over a month, suddenly was totally fine. I thought to myself: this is magic. Lala agreed and said ”Reiki to me is kind of like magic. It is inexplicable and very personal”.

Just like Reiki, Itacaré is a magical place. If you’ve thought about giving Reiki a try, Itacaré is the place and Lala is the person.

You can find Lala on her phone (+55 73 98104558) or via email ( Hours are flexible and discounts are offered for those who are interested in several sessions.